She Canceled Her Deities
by Monica Chenault Kilgore

Harriet’s Dreams

Placed them in disposable frames and notebooks
She watched as others drew them with faint white washable ink
Bound within thin frail lines between pages of mystical tales
They gave the ones of none before new bodies new faces new names
She cloaked herself in the images created by those who refused to know
Accepted the unnatural definition of their making
Giving them possession of her shields her fields

Her constellation her goddesses had become those whom the others said
Frivolous sexual bobbing butts, thighs, breasts and lips covered in fantasy
And hung from rafters flooded by false light
And when they saw her just as they created them
They whispered in her ear
See my sister? We gifted you your power

Through blood-stained cracks shackles to board rooms
her nurturers returned unbound
In bold hues yellows, blues, violets, reds, oranges and golds
To hold their own daughter as she wept from thin cuts deep slashes
Governesses of the eternal circle pressed their moist skin against hers
From deep within the earth she remembered
spheres of hills mountains pools
Healing rivers coursing through veins made from mud
Walking through lushness and deserts
As heat ribboned around her heels
The sea runs up through her feet
She calls up wide waves falling against her ankles crashing against her calves
Islands and peninsulas gather around her stomach

Sinking into her soft folds she caresses
Touching all with light
Bringing forth life like ancestors
Whipping tendrils of her hair to the sky
Unleashing flames and rain wind and frost
with sisters and mothers brash and magnificent

A crown emerged through her skin
Striped, dotted smoothed by stretched marked sand
Sun adorned keloid jewelry of shells and seeds
The rolling hills of her hips equipped with sweet and bitter seeds beads of thick honey

Monica Chenault-Kilgore

October 15, 2022

Available June 6, 2023

Long Gone, Come Home

Historical Fiction Novel by Monica Chenault-Kilgore

Spanning from the joyous peak of the 1930s jazz era to the Great Depression and civil rights movement, Long Gone, Come Home weaves a poetic tale of love, life, and loss as one woman learns the true meaning of home.

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Long Gone,
Come Home

Historical Novel by Monica Chenault-Kilgore